Hello, Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve been debating whether or not to create a blog for quite some time now. Since the final year of my University course in fact. Four years… time really has flown by!

I’ve ventured slightly into the realms of vlogging before, choosing to use it as an outlet to archive my fitness journey. It didn’t go too well. Turns out I’m practically made of glass! A slight exaggeration but boy did I hurt my ribs! Since then I’ve kind of stayed away from the outlet but I recently uploaded a video titled: ‘I want to be a writer’, basically as an opportunity to ‘vent’ for all of the obstacles and general frustration regarding trying to become an established writer. Now I’m not a pessimist, far from it, but there are only so many slammed doors you can take to the face before it becomes a tad annoying. Well, with the door handle firmly imprinted across my face, I’ve decided I should just bite the bullet and try to make a go of this blogging lark.

From this post onward, my aim is to inform you all a little bit about the projects that I’m working on with the hope that you’ll all be interested. Also I’d like to shed a little light on all of the issues I’ve faced with trying to get my book published and with trying to get our show concepts to the pitching process.

I’ll try my best to make it as interesting as possible. No promises though!

I hope you enjoy your stay on my page.

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