It’s Been An Okay Week

A bit of a short one this week. I’ve decided to just give you a bit of a status update on me and my projects.

It’s been a bit of an up and down week for me in regards to actually producing work. I won’t go into details about what my current job is, but I will say that I’m in charge of organising the charity events, and this past week just so happened to be charity week so it’s been all go. We’re coming out the other end with a pleasing £500+ raised for Alzheimer’s and Dementia which has put a smile on my face. I’m hoping that something positive can come from it.

On the flip side of this though is the general lack of progress that I’ve been able to make on my personal projects. From a physical writing standpoint I’ve pretty much crawled ahead of my spiritual starting line at the start of the week. I’m a strong believer that any progress that you can make no matter how small is still a win. As long as you’re getting closer to the end goal then it should be seen as a positive thing. Saying that though, I would still much prefer that this coming week is an improved one, especially as I will have more time to spend writing.

I may not have made mind-blowing progress with the writing but I have made a lot of ground in the planning department. I’ve now fleshed out the first half of The Wanderer Chronicles: Volume Two, with the other half hopefully being done before the end of next week. I’ve also managed to start the restructuring process of my fantasy novel. It’s going to be a slow build, but in the long run I think narrative is going to be a lot stronger for it.

Overall I’ve only managed to write about six more pages on the new draft for Dolos Blue, and planned out the next couple of projects. I’m taking it all as a positive, if not seeing it as being a little bit slow. It’s all good though and I have a good feeling about this coming week.

I’m going to write a brief post outlying a bit of info about a different one of my projects each week. Hopefully having that little extra insight will make my ramblings a bit easier to digest.

Thank you for reading.

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