Project Two: Blackwell

Last week I went into a little detail about The Wanderer Chronicles. This week  thought I would follow that up with my ‘Work In Progress’ novel, Blackwell.

Blackwell follows the struggles of an exiled sorcerer and a vampire lawyer as they strive to stop the ever-growing threat of the paranormal invading our world through the cracks appearing in our reality.

During the idea conception stage, Blackwell was originally supposed to be a graphic novel. It wasn’t even the main focus of the graphic novel, taking a backseat to the then main protagonist Wilson. It was during various rewrites that I decided to promote Blackwell to the primary protagonist as it seemed like the easier way to introduce Wilson, as his story was beginning to become rather convoluted. This was the way that it stayed until I realised that I was probably going to struggle to find an illustrator to work on the project with me. At this point I changed the format into a novel which has proved to have been the right decision.

So far I’m about a third of the way through the novel, which I’m pleased with considering the amount of times that I’ve changed up either the cast, story or format. Unless The Wanderer Chronicles becomes so popular that people really need to read the sequel, this will be the next novel that I’m hoping to finish.

I’m hoping to have another project explained a little next week. Hopefully things go smoothly. Thank you for reading.

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