Progress Update: November 6th

Things have been going rather well for me over the past week, making decent progress on a variety of things. Unfortunately, my writing hasn’t been one of them.

I’ve been struggling with a serious case of writers block. Now I know it’s not a real thing; a fear of failure is more accurate, but lately I can’t shake the feeling that my writing just isn’t good enough. I know I’m probably being harsh on myself but it’s just a feeling I’m struggling to shake as of late.

Moving away from the writing, my YouTube channel has now been officially revamped with two new ongoing series being out in place. The first being YuGiOh Duel Links where I’ve just started out on the ranked ladder; it’s harder than I was expecting! The second is my weekly weight update videos as I continue my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Hopefully I can shake the feeling of inadequacy regarding my writing. I do miss making progress with it all.

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