Update February 28, 2018

Why hello, it’s been a while!

As I sit here writing this, I’m surrounded by snow and the quiet embrace that the snow always brings. I always find it easier to be creative or productive in general when the weather gets like this. Everyone is off panicking about what may or may not happen, but I prefer to sit back and take it within my stride. It’s only a little snow right? I feel like my mind is wandering again…

Without going into too much detail I’ve been busy with applying for various new avenues of employment and to a MA course that would be a dream come true if I can land a place within their ranks. I won’t say what it is exactly as I have a real fear that I’ll jinx myself, but what I will say is they only accept 12 students per year, so I’m taking my chances with a pinch of salt.

In other news, I finally decided to bite the bullet with The Wanderer Chronicles and put it for sale on the Amazon store. This was a tough decision for me and one that I’ve gone back and forth on for a very long time.

Up until now, I had been holding out hope that a publisher would want to pick up the book and add it to their line of publications. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t to be, or maybe it would have been if I had waited longer, but the book has been completed for nearly a year now and I have nothing to show for it. In all honesty, I accredit my lack of success finding a publisher more to my lack of representation as opposed to me just being a terrible writer. I’ve spent far too much time doubting myself and my abilities and prefer to have a cup half full outlook on these situations.

The Wanderer Chronicles can now be purchased from Amazon in both kindle and paperback versions. Now I didn’t want to do this, because I knew there would be a huge amount of legwork on my side with regards to advertising and promoting the book, but I’d much rather have it online and available for people who want to read it, than to have it gathering dust, becoming another lost tale to time.

If anyone wants to read it, or find out any more information then I’ll put the link here: Buy The Wanderer Chronicles

I’m going to aim to get back into the swing of the blog, and hopefully rebuild the routine that I had before.

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