Indie Authors to Discover Whilst Social Distancing

I think it’s safe to say that the world that we’re currently living in is a far cry from anything anyone would have imagined.

Of course, Doomsday Preppers have been a thing for an age and no doubt they’re already isolating themselves inside of their bunkers, safehouses and bug out locations. They’ve had the mindset of isolation prepared for an awfully long time. It’s arguable that in the current climate they’ll actually thrive given their preparation, but what about the people who didn’t expect a world changing event like a global pandemic to happen? What should we do during these uncertain times of isolation?

Well there’s varying possible answers, but I think the most important thing to do is to remain active. I don’t necessarily mean you should go for walks or be physically active, which of course is a good thing if you’re able to do so, but more in the way of keeping yourself busy.

For many people the prospect of being isolated from the rest of the world, even if it’s just for two weeks, is a hard pill to swallow. Social interaction is a huge part of modern life and having that taken away is a big deal.

All of that being said, there’s plenty of positive things that you’re able to do during that time alone. One of those things could be to read more books, both physical and e-books.

With that in mind, I thought I would make a list of some independent authors who I think would be well worth peoples time to discover and give a read while you’re social distancing. The authors below are in no particular order and all of them have many great books available that you can read.

Number 1 – Tripp Ainsworth

Tripp is a bit of an Instagram celebrity within the author community. He’s regularly involved with the many challenges and events being run on Instagram and has ushered in his own incentives that help build awareness of the other authors within the community.

So far, he has six books out, available to read both physically and via e-book. The Smokepit Fairytales (which is currently six parts long with future instalments scheduled for later release) is a brilliant military tale which takes aspects from various different genres to create a tale of epic proportions. From military fiction, to sci-fi, to comedy, to the old Shakespearean epics, The Smokepit Fairytales have a little bit of something for everybody.

If you’d like to learn more about the author or check out his work, I’ll post his links below.

@smokepitfairytales, @tripps_writing_room

Number 2 – Katie Lewis

Katie is an Amazon best-selling Adult/Erotica author who has a huge back catalogue of work which she has available to purchase both online and physically.

I first met her through the Instagram author community and although it wasn’t my usual go-to genre, I thoroughly enjoyed her book Hot-Blooded Hunter which was an erotic vampire story. Character growth and story progression are both at the forefront of the book and I highly recommend any vampire fans give it a read.

Katie has a sequel to Hot-Blooded Hunter in the works along with various other projects. If you give her a try, you’ll find more than enough content to see you through the isolation period.

Obviously, her work is of a more adult nature, but if you’d like to check her out and learn more about her work then her links are below.


Number 3 – Hollis Jo McCollum

Hollis specialises in fantasy fiction and has produced a world that is filled with rich, in-depth lore. She is another friendly and active member of the Instagram author community and puts a lot of effort into her work and further world building within her books.

To Save a World, her debut novel, is a brilliant fantasy story that takes you on an adventure that will keep you engaged from the very start. The author also has merchandise you can get based on To Save a World.  I was lucky enough to receive a bookmark from Hollis with the map of the world map printed upon it. It’s a very cool addition to my bookshelf and one that reminds me how excited I am to read the sequel.

Hollis is hard at work to complete that soon and I know that it’ll be just as strong and enjoyable as the first was.

If you enjoy fantasy stories and would like to check out the author, then the links are below.


Number 4 – Michele Packard

Michele is an espionage, action author who has crafted a wonderful trilogy of books known as the Matti Baker trilogy.

The debut story in the series, AESOP, saw her claim 1st place from Pencraft (an online site dedicated to fostering and promoting new talented authors) for the category of Fiction/Thriller/Terrorist fiction. She also placed as a finalist in the American Book Festival and at the Independent Author Network awards.

When you read her work, you can’t help but feel engaged with the characters inside. It gave me a big Girl with The Dragon Tattoo vibe, which can only be seen as a positive comparison.

I’ve only read the first book in the series, but FABLE and TELLER have both received very positive reviews which doesn’t surprise me given the strength of AESOP.

If you’d like to learn more about the author, then the links are below.


Number 5 – Sydney Mann

Sydney is a fantastically talented writer. She has a way when it comes to writing her novels that makes you feel totally engrossed with what’s unfolding before you. She’s quite simply a wordsmith, and everything she puts onto the page flows so easily that reading her work is never a chore, but a treat for the eyes and the mind.

Both of her novels, Shield of Shadows and The Dark Wood are brilliant fantasy stories that have a wealth of strong characters, rich worlds and a depth of great lore to uncover and which will hopefully be expanded upon in future stories.

Shield of Shadows has since been taken down for some rewrites, but The Dark Wood is still available, and I highly recommend that you purchase a copy if you’re a fan of the fantasy genre. It’s the tale of a girl who lives in a world completely covered in darkness. Just from the setting alone there comes a variety of challenges, but when you throw in a curse and a quest for retribution, you end up with a thoroughly gripping tale.

If you’d like to learn more about the author and read, her work then the links will be below.


Number 6 – Peter D. Richardson

Well you can’t blame me for trying, right?

All jokes aside, if you’re a fan of dystopian or post-apocalyptic stories then you should give The Wanderer Chronicles: Volume One a go. It’s the first part in a series I have planned, and it will soon be joined by a novella called The Shepherd’s Ghost, set within the same world.

To give you a brief overview of what to expect from the novella, The Shepherd’s Ghost follows four survivors following the events of The Fall being thrust into captivity and separated. It’s within the darkness of their new surroundings that they must face their past as well as their present.

The story will be released by the end of April and will be available in both paperback and e-book.

If you’d like to keep up to date with everything or check out my work, then please follow the links below.


Hopefully you will find something in the above list that will spark your interest, and I hope that you’ll be able to find your new favourite author. There’s a whole world of books out there to enjoy and I hope that you’ll invite some independent authors into your library.

I hope everyone stays safe and that we can all make the most out of social distancing by trying our best to turn this negative into a positive.

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